Work Those High Heels

Want a tip for your high heeled shoes?  Or maybe just shoes in general? Before my husband and I started dating, I was not a shoe person.  Shoes served a function for me and that was it.  Besides, my pants were normally sized to be a little longer than my ankle so my shoes were … Continue reading Work Those High Heels

Com Thang (Monthly Rice)

My husband and I have been loyal subscribers of those meal-delivery services.  We subscribed to Plated for over two years, took a break, and then signed on with Sun Basket for another six months.  I loved the service and was willing to pay $10-$12 per person per meal if it meant all the ingredients were … Continue reading Com Thang (Monthly Rice)

Weekly meal planning

I know I am very lucky to be so comfortable around the kitchen.  For me, I work the kitchen with ease and cooking doesn’t stress me out.  Because I’m so comfortable cooking, I tend to whip meals up a lot faster than most people.  One of the things that does take me a long time … Continue reading Weekly meal planning

Happy Lunar New Year!

This Saturday, we’ll be heading to my parents house to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Lunar New Year always held a special place in my heart as a kid. After all, what kid doesn’t like getting red envelopes filled with money for the new year? I remember we’d attend these huge New Year parties at … Continue reading Happy Lunar New Year!